"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure." Psalm 71:14-15

Monday, August 10, 2009

NOT ME!! Monday

I would NEVER dream up a way to give our kitchen a "face lift" in order to list our house on the market that would leave me in the air conditioned house all weekend painting while my husband slaved away in the hot garage making new cabinet doors and drawer fronts!! Nope, not me!

I did not ask my husband's opinion on the new wall color for the kitchen, and while he went to another part of the store have the paint vendor mix my color preference instead of his. And I CERTAINLY wouldn't rub it in that it was my choice of color not his once he said how much he liked it!! NOT ME!

I have not ONCE rubbed in the fact that I know more about home renovation than my husband, then had to apologize and explain that it's only because I've watched more TLC, DIY and HGTV than any one person should. Nope, not me.

I am not counting down the days to when our kitchen is put back together and pretty, you know - just in time to sell the place. I mean, I've only been looking at these ugly 1985 cream laminate disaster cabinets for four years!!! NOT ME!!!


Blessed Chick said...

Girl, aren't beagles the greatest! I couldn't imagine life without a beagle! She has us wrapped around her finger...I mean paw! Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

Ballentine said...

Jill, I LOVE your paint color... where did you get it and what is it called? And, will you mind if I possibly steal it for my kitchen... it's exactly what I've been looking for!

Meg said...

I think that paint color is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen, because you're right, your kitchen is definitely outdated.

Thank you for your input on my monograms--I like the first and second best I think. We will just have to wait and see where I get to use them. Your invites are super cute as well as everything else that your Sorority Little Sis made for you.