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Monday, August 30, 2010

Things that should have stayed in the 80's...

OK, I need to do a silly/fun post today. Now, I appreciate the '80s for all of the good things it gave to my life: all of my memorable childhood (I mean I was born in '79, but it's not like I remember the 70s!), GREAT TV that could never be matched again in its wholesomeness and entertainment value (Cheers, The Cosby Show, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Growing Pains, the list goes on), music that we all love to party to even today (you know you love The Breakfast Club and go to see them whenever they come to your town just to remind you of college!), and FABULOUS movies (most of which starred either Molly Ringwald, Matthew Broderick, Tom Cruise or Kevin Bacon).

HOWEVER, there are things that were popular in the '80s that should have STAYED in the '80s and never returned. Here is my list of those things:
  1. leggings - Yes, those tight, spandex looking pants that hug every curve of your leg should have stayed in the '80s. Whether worn under skirts or under big baggy shirts or sweaters, this fashion trend does not make sense to me. It does not look good on anyone and does not serve any sort of purpose unless you are under the age of 3 and still have a habit of pulling your skirt up over your head.
  2. leg warmers - We all loved Flashdance, or at least I did. And yes, I wanted to rock me some leg warmers after that movie because I thought I needed them to dance better. But come on people, as adults, who among us wants to draw attention to our ankles?
  3. the recession - OK, so the recession we are in now kicks the crap out of the one in the '80s, but it still should have stayed there. Did we not learn anything about deregulation the first time, we have to learn it again!?!?
  4. baby names - the '80s' Jennifers, Heathers, Amandas, Matthews and Adams are the parents of today's Isabellas, Olivias, Lilys, Jacksons, Jaydens and Aidens! Surely enough of us lived through being Amanda M. (me) or Matthew B. (my husband) that we would do better for our children! The names aren't coming back, but I guess the trend of popular names will always exist!
  5. Sylvester Stallone movies - We all loved the original Rocky, right? OK, so technically it was made in the '70s, but I didn't see it until the '80s when all the sequels came out because I wasn't BORN yet when the original was made! Let's just remember him at his best and NOT suffer through anymore please?
I'm sure there is more, and I may update this list later, but I think it's a good start!

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