"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure." Psalm 71:14-15

Friday, August 19, 2011

Levi you are 4 months old!!

My sweet GROWING boy! You started rolling over from back to belly regularly on July 28th, just one week before your 4 month birthday. You've rolled over a couple of times from belly to back, but not with any consistency. For now, you roll over onto your belly in your crib, then you get mad about being on your belly so you cry! Most nights you settle down and sleep on your belly, but it depends.

To wean you off the swaddle (which you LOVED and worked like a charm to keep you asleep for the first 3 months), we introduced a "lovie". It's a little animal/blanket that is a grey and white dalmatian. You LOVE sleeping with your lovie. You tuck it under your arm or lay on top of it when you are on your belly. Sometimes you even put it over your face to block out the light so that you can sleep. It's really sweet how much you cuddle with it to go to sleep.

You started school this month. You love your teacher Miss Debbie and all the babies in the class. I can tell you enjoy school and being with the other babies. You even have a little girl friend. She's 8 months old, the little minx, and her name is Delilah. She loves to give you hugs! I appreciate that your school is so close to my office. I try to come to the school and feed you myself about once a week.

You are still very interested in the animals and love to watch them. They were playing the other day and got a little too loud so you yelled at them! They froze in their tracks; it was hilarious! You still love to read books and you help turn the pages. Your favorite game is pat-a-cake. You seem to enjoy bath time sitting in your Bumbo seat (this is not an approved use of the Bumbo, but it works!). I use the little hand held shower attachment on you and you love watching the water spray out and touching it. You even tried to put it in your mouth the other evening and were surprised when you got sprayed in the face. You did this repeatedly and I was cracking up at you!

You are still growing like a weed. This post is a bit late, but you currently weigh 14lbs 10 oz. I think you were around 14lbs 2 oz at exactly 4 mos. I'm so bad for not keeping closer track! You are still very long. We started looking at convertible car seats this week because you are quickly outgrowing your infant carrier. The limit is 30" in length and we are sure you will be there way before you hit the 22lb weight limit!!

We tried feeding you cereal 3 times (one evening, the next morning and evening). You cried a lot so we assumed you weren't ready yet. We will try again soon.

I love you my sweet little boy! I eat your cheeks up daily and get sad thinking about the arrival of the day you won't want my kisses!

always smiling!

I love your fluffy little bum!

haha!! Your funny faces crack me up!


1st bath picture. You love the water!

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