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Monday, January 2, 2012

It's called IGT

I feel like I finally have answers after over 8 months of part-time, or in my mind unsuccessful, breastfeeding.  I listened to this pod-cast about insufficient glandular tissue (breast hypoplasia) and it all started to make sense.  I don't have all of the common physical characteristics.  Between the characteristics I do have and our journey of Levi's weight loss and my inability to stimulate my supply, there is enough to cause me to believe I have a mild-moderate case of IGT.  I make about 2-3oz of milk every feeding, with the help of herbs AND Domperidone.  After joining an IGT support group on Facebook, I realize that my IGT is nowhere near as bad as it could be.  Some women only make that much in a DAY.  I'm very lucky that I can give Levi as much milk as I do.

But being part of the group has also helped me redefine what successful breastfeeding is.  I thought that because I couldn't give him all the milk he needs that I wasn't successfully breastfeeding.  But really, whatever I'm able to give him and keep going is worth it.  I AM a breastfeeding mother.  It may not look like what most people think of as a "normal" breastfeeding relationship, but that doesn't matter.  I don't need to qualify myself as a part-time breastfeeder, or a supplementer.  I give Levi every drop that I can.  I breastfeed, and that's important for me to say.

If you think you may have IGT, if you struggle with chronically low milk supply in spite of great efforts to boost production, go here as a start for self-diagnosis.  Hopefully, as more people learn about IGT, more mothers like me can get the help they need to be SUCCESSFUL, no matter what that looks like.

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Katherine said...

Jill I admire all of your honesty with breastfeeding! I will be asking you lots of questions once baby girl arrives! xoxoxo