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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UPDATE on Sweet Pea

WOW, I've been really busy. I've been meaning to blog for a long while and it just hasn't happened, but I have been checking things off of my To-Do list! Since I last blogged we've had 3 baby showers, I've almost finished the nursery and we've passed the "full-term" mark where our little Sweet Pea can come any time and be just FINE!!

I made a To-Do list about a month ago of all the things that needed to be done before Sweet Pea arrives. I am proud to say that I'm almost finished, and hope to be completely finished by the end of this coming weekend (when I hit 38 weeks!). The list is at home, but it looked something like this:
  1. Return and exchange gifts, finish purchasing necessities CHECK
  2. Make cloth wipes (3 dozen!) CHECK
  3. Finish nursery sewing - still left are the twin bed skirt, pillow sham, and a pillow for the rocker
  4. Tour hospital and pre-register CHECK
  5. Clean out cars CHECK
  6. Install car seat bases and have them inspected - Matt's is in, mine is still en route, appointments made for inspections
  7. Make room in kitchen for bottles CHECK
  8. Cook and freeze meals - really don't think this one will get done!
  9. Prep cloth diapers - prefolds are almost finished, pockets and AIOs left to go
  10. Pack hospital bag CHECK (it's not my problem Matt's stuff isn't packed!)
  11. Finish buying stuff for and packing labor bag CHECK
  12. Wash and put away all baby stuff, take things out of packaging and put away, assemble and wash all baby gear CHECK
  13. Baby-proof house CHECK
  14. Finish birth plan, get approved by Meg, pack all paperwork in hospital bag CHECK
  15. Print and pack signs for hospital room in labor bag (such as "Natural Childbirth in Progress, Please Enter Quietly) CHECK
  16. Write Thank You notes - working on it... I need to set a nightly goal or something!
So, as you can see, I've been a little busy! Matt's list is much more involved with projects around the house, and he's done a great job helping me nest. We sat down last night after dinner and he looked at me and said, "What's on our nesting list tonight?" like he was eager and willing! I appreciate him so much. We took Fat Tuesday off from nesting for the most part ;)

Our sweet friends Debbie & Griffin and Melanie & Brian gave us a fabulous couples' shower at the beginning of February. It was a Storybook themed party where folks brought their favorite children's book for Sweet Pea's library! It was wonderful because we got to include "the guys" in the celebration, since we are all such great friends. It was also a way to invite folks to more than one shower (so that we could include the guys) without people having to spend a ton of money on two gifts. Sweet Pea got LOTS of great books, and Daddy is slated to build us a bookshelf... eventually. Unfortunately, we got ZERO pictures of this shower. Everything was so cute, there were books up everywhere. Our friends were able to sign a picture matte for Sweet Pea, which is in the nursery waiting for a picture. I'm so disappointed it isn't documented!

My aunts and cousins gave us a couples' shower in Knoxville for family and friends. It was Rubber Ducky themed and all the decorations were just precious!! Unfortunately, my sweet Aunt Donna (whose house was the location for the party) came down with an awful stomach thing on Saturday afternoon before the shower on Sunday. So while we were partying away, she was locked upstairs in her bedroom. :( We got some lovely and sentimental gifts from our family. Matt's Aunt Meredith, or Dedo as we call her, special ordered the most ADORABLE newborn photo prop I've ever seen! It's a cap and "pod" that looks like a pea! So we can dress our little Sweet Pea as a sweet pea! Matt's mother, Lisa, gave us a blanket made by her aunt that Grandy and GP brought her home from the hospital in. She, in turn, brought Matt home from the hospital in it. And of course, it will escort our Sweet Pea home as well. My mother made 2 going home outfits for Sweet Pea, 1 for a girl and 1 for a boy. We also got tons of practical and useful things as well, which was wonderful. Fun was had by all... except Donna :(

Our little sweet pea pod for Sweet Pea!! You can't see it, but the hat has a little "stem" on it!

Opening the blanket from Lisa, even Matt got a little teary

I'm holding the boy outfit from G-Mom and Matt is holding the girl dress, because I think Sweet Pea is a boy and he thinks s/he is a girl! Mom used some left-over fabric from my wedding dress (which is ecru silk) to make the collars of the outfits (which are white silk)

Matt and I with all the Trousdale ladies (minus Donna of course) and Lisa

Alana and I got the kids together to play at the shower... she's due in May with little Luke!

Sweet Hilary came ALL the way from Indianapolis!!

I had my baby shower at work the Monday after our Knoxville shower. It was a lovely small gathering, and again I got ZERO pictures. My work colleagues were SO SWEET in their thoughtfulness. They all pitched in to order lots of goodies from our cloth diaper registry (which were on my list to purchase if we didn't receive them). We are so appreciative of their support of our endeavor in cloth diapering! I work with some amazing people.

I never know whether full-term is 36 or 37 weeks, but we've been taking my picture every 4 weeks. Below is my 36 week picture. 2 days after this picture was taken, the baby dropped... LOW. Meg, our midwife, said that the baby being low and the cervix thinning is much more important for the progress of labor than dilation. As of this week, the baby is still very low and I'm 75% effaced. This tells us nothing about WHEN I might go into labor. But when it does happen, things should progress nicely. This is wonderful to hear since up until this week I've been terrified of the 40hr first-time mom labor!

BIG OLE BELLY at 36 weeks

Here are the most recent pics of the nursery. I got the curtains and the twin duvet done in the middle of my frantic sewing of 3 dozen cloth wipes. There are still a few things left that I hope to finish this weekend... IF I'm not otherwise occupied!!! ;)

Full nursery view. The bed was my mother's when she was little, the toy box (under the tree) was mine when I was little, the quilt on the bed is from Auntie Meghan, and the blanket on the crib was lovingly crocheted by my mother (Sweet Pea's G-Mom)

Curtains from my favorite fabric in the room, it's burnt orange if you can't tell

Matt's dresser from when he was little, my silver bank from when I was little, our little sweet peas, the frame from our friends, and a rubber ducky (a few souvenirs from our showers)

Well, we are ready just ANYTIME that Sweet Pea would like to make an appearance!! We will post pics of Sweet Pea and the winner of the $20 wager between Mommy and Daddy when s/he arrives!

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